WASHINGTON, November 20, 2001 ( – The Population Research Institute (PRI) has confirmed that operatives working for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) are on the ground in Afghanistan, and have been distributing abortion devices and chemicals -disguised in kits marked for safe delivery- in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan and Iran. PRI President Steve Mosher reports that “Given the great unmet need for food, shelter, water and basic health supplies – along with strong opposition to abortion throughout the Islamic world – the UNFPA’s Afghan refugee operations are gaining little ground against the intended recipients.”“Early reports confirm that war-traumatized refugees, approached by UNFPA workers pandering abortion services, wander away quickly. And a few brave refugees – in an attempt to protect their female population and progeny – have confiscated morning-after abortion pills provided by UNFPA,” says a PRI report. PRI says “the UNFPA offers only abortion and ‘family planning’ services to Afghan women and their families. Infant and maternal mortality rates rank among the highest in the world in this refugee setting, yet basic life-saving aid from UNFPA remains in want.”

LifeSite learned of the intended UNFPA outreach to Afghan refugees in late September. When LifeSite interviewed UNFPA spokesperson William Ryan in October and asked if “emergency contraception” would be provided to the refugees. Ryan expressed great agitation and vehemently exclaimed that “that is not what was called for here.” However, on November 3, Olivier Brasseur, the UNFPA representative in Pakistan told the BBC that UNFPA was providing refugees with abortifacient pills. UNFPA seems to be following UNICEF’S pattern of giving the public a particular response to questions about its actions on reproductive issues and then going ahead and doing the opposite.

During investigations of UNFPA operations in refugee settings, PRI discovered that abortions were conducted without adequate informed consent. Commenting on the situation, Mosher said, “As the Taliban’s reign of terror slowly comes to an end, Afghan refugee women face a new reign of terror designed to violate their right to bear children.”

The deceptive campaign by UNFPA, asks for funds to assist its program to “save Afghan women’s lives.”

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