TORONTO, Mar 6 (LSN) – Today the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Toronto sponsored an intensive one-day training session for doctors and medical personnel entitled “Medical Termination of Pregnancy” – a euphemism for chemical abortion. The Workshop covering the M&M (Methotrox & Misoprostal) abortion method was held at the Centre for Research in Women’s Health.  The M&M abortion method is a dangerous powerful chemical abortion that kills the child in the womb and endangers the health of the mother. The full, long-term effects of the chemicals are not yet known.  See the following page for more info on M&M abortions:   Presenters included:  Deidre Bainbridge RN – Bay Centre for Birth Control Rebecca Cook – Faculty of Law, University of Toronto Victoria Davis MD – University of Toronto Bernard Dickens – Faculty of Law, University of Toronto Sheila Dunn, MD – University of Toronto Rui Martins, MD – University of Toronto Patricia Nugent—Women's College Hospital Ellen Wiebe, MD—University of British Columbia Erica Feurerstein – Bay Centre for Birth Control   All pro-lifers and especially U of T graduates are urged to voice disapproval to the university president for his University’s hosting this training session in the chemical extermination of tiny children.  President of the University of Toronto Robert Prichard (416) 978-2121 [email protected]