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FROSTBURG, Maryland, (LifeSiteNews) — After university students abused participants in a peaceful pro-life demonstration, administrators were quick to claim victim status on the bullies’ behalf.  

Administrators at a Maryland’s Frostburg State University claimed students were traumatized by the presence of the small group of pro-lifers on campus, but video evidence shows the opposite to be true. Noisy pro-abortion students surrounded and overwhelmed the pro-lifers while shouting obscenities and simulating lewd acts. 


Following last Tuesday’s Created Equal-sponsored event, both the university president Ronald Nowaczyk and student advisor Kathi Perkins published letters apologizing to the student body for the presence of the pro-life messengers. 

“What some members of our campus community experienced yesterday was a very understandable emotional and upsetting response to a presentation by an anti-abortion group,” said Nowaczyk. 

“I believe eliciting that response was the goal of the group yesterday. Members of this community were subject to a very negatively emotionally charged event.” 

Ignoring the significance of the pro-life message, Nowaczyk instead suggested it was motivated by hate, and lamented that the pro-life argument is allowed to be aired in the public square. He wrote, “The courts have ruled that speech that is upsetting, discomforting and even hateful is protected by the Constitution.” 

“I wish I could promise that we will not have future events that engender negative feelings,” he added. 

Perkins, an administrator working with the school’s Student Government Association (SGA), went further, claiming the pro-life group’s presence on campus was tantamount to harassment. She stated in an email: 

SGA condemns the harassment experienced by students yesterday as the pro-life group was on our campus spreading their views. Although we respect free speech, we do not respect harassment. We were proud while also heartbroken yesterday as we assisted students to and from classes and dried their tears. Under no circumstances should a student have to experience trauma on this campus. We will continue to do the work to ensure that all students are safe and comfortable. 

“What garbage,” responded Created Equal’s founder and executive director Mark Harrington.    

“The behavior of some of the students was absolutely reprehensible. Simulating lewd acts, calling our team members every name in the book, etc. If I had time, I could put together hours of video of students screaming at us as we remained calm.”  

“There was never a student who needed assistance,” Harrington continued in a statement to LifeSiteNews.   

“If it weren’t for the police, there would have been a riot,” he added.  “If they could have, they would have forced us off campus.” 

In a caption to a video posted to Facebook immediately following the event, Harrington wrote, “Pro-abortion advocates were unhinged today at Frostburg University displaying some of the lewdest behavior imaginable.”   

 Viewer advisory: disturbing images


LifeSiteNews wrote to SGA administrator Perkins, asking her both to substantiate her claims and to provide video or photographic evidence. She has not responded.   

Harrington told LifeSiteNews that “the videos and pictures of abortion disturb students because abortion is disturbing.”  

“Many reminders of abortion can remind (trigger) students of past abortions,” he added.   

“The sound of a vacuum cleaner, children playing, a bumper sticker. These reminders wouldn’t lead to an emotionally adverse reactions if the act of abortion was OK.”  

“We live in a culture currently that ranks remaining undisturbed as the highest virtue. These students are supposed to be preparing for the real world. Instead of being interested in exposing them to hard subjects these universities are coddling them like they are children. Since these students will likely become our future leaders, this kind of sheltering doesn’t bode well for the future of our republic. ” 

Two additional videos provided by Harrington show the vitriol of pro-abortion students toward the pro-lifers as they prepared to leave the campus: