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(LifeSiteNews) — The University of Notre Dame campus bookstore is making LGBT ideology and astrology practices available by selling gay children’s books and tarot cards.

On Wednesday, The Irish Rover, the campus newspaper, published an article detailing various products available in the school’s store, including content for children.

“Notre Dame recently signed a contract with Barnes & Noble, switching their bookstore services from Follett Company,” the article began. “This change has brought with it several decks of tarot cards, an increased promotion of astrology, and numerous sexualized children’s books.”

In addition to tarot cards, the store carries books that teach and normalize astrology, including one titled The Black Arts, which has the subtitle “A concise history of witchcraft demonology astrology alchemy and other mystical practices throughout the ages.” The item’s description says the resource explores “the practice, theory, and underlying rationale” of “occultism in all its branches.”

Astrology is further normalized by the sale of a tote bag that pictures several zodiac signs.

The Irish Rover emphasizes one of the many LGBT children’s books featured in the campus bookstore.

“One of these picture books, Queer Heroes: Meet 53 LGBTQ Heroes from Past and Present, offers, among other things, a brief biography of the transgender movie directors the Wachowskis, focusing on their sex transitions and “how lucky they both were to have the acceptance and support of their family and access to therapy and other professional help during their transitions.”

Additionally, the article states that other products “tell the story of Leonardo da Vinci, focusing on his alleged homosexuality” as well as alleging that “the vowed-virgin Christina of Sweden was part of the LGBT community because ‘unfortunately, there was a rule that queens had to get married to men’ so she abdicated her throne.”

When Aidan Became a Brother is another picture book that “celebrates the changes in a transgender boy’s life, from his initial coming-out to becoming a big brother.”

Notre Dame has a recent history of supporting and promoting LGBT ideologies. Last year, the Notre Dame Press published the memoirs of Greg Bourke, “a named plaintiff in the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court case that resulted in the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States,” the campus paper reported. The book, Gay, Catholic, and America, describes how he has lived as an LGBT Catholic, including “his recent efforts to legalize same-sex marriage.”

In April 2022, the university hosted a book signing and welcomed Bourke to speak about his memoir to an audience.

Notre Dame also hired Pete Buttigieg to be a faculty fellow, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews. Buttigieg, a baptized Catholic, has since strayed from the faith in his pro-abortion political campaigns and his “marriage” to a man in an Episcopal Church ceremony.

The university is currently in the midst of a four-part lecture series sponsored by six different academic departments about “transgenderism in Asia.”


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