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University of Notre Dame to lead March for Life: 700 students and faculty to join

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January 21, 2013 (CNS) - Fr. John Jenkins C.S.C., president of the University of Notre Dame, will march in the March for Life along with about 600 students and more than a hundred faculty, according to students with the University’s pro-life student group.

Fr. Jenkins has walked in the March for Life since the 2010 event. This year, however, is a little different as Notre Dame students were asked to lead the March for Life.

“In addition to the faculty and students attending the March, alumni and friends of ND will also be meeting us on the National Mall and joining our contingency,” Jen Gallic of Notre Dame Right to Life told The Cardinal Newman Society. ”This is will be the highest attendance ever by the Notre Dame Community.”

During this past year, ND RTL has, according to Gallic, been focused on “the creation of a culture of life on campus.”

“We have also taken a very pro-woman, pro-life approach. We believe the dignity inherent in all human life deserves to be cherished and celebrated,” said Gallic. “As a member of the pro-life movement we cannot just oppose abortion, but also must strive to truly promote a culture of life through our actions.”

While there is much concern over the direction Notre Dame has taken, especially with the diminishing number of Catholic faculty as well as the scandalous honoring of President Barack Obama in 2009, there’s been little doubt about the pro-life efforts of many students.

Stephen Wandor of ND RTL told The Cardinal Newman Society that the student pro-life organization’s efforts go far beyond the March once a year. “We have weekly trips to pray at the local abortion clinic as well as a weekly adoration hour to pray for the protection of all human life,” he said.

Wandor also pointed to biweekly club meetings with on-campus pro-life experts, an annual ”Respect Life Week,” sponsoring a baby shower for local mothers every semester along with the Women’s Care Center in South Bend, as well as partaking in outreach programs to seniors and those with special needs to help promote the dignity inherent in every life.

“I believe the honor of leading the March speaks to all the amazing pro-life work that occurs every day at Notre Dame,” said Wandor, who also pointed to the generous support of alumni and the great work of the Center for Ethics and Culture and the Fund to Protect Human Life.

“The March is important because it is where hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters gather and show the incredible amount of love and support that exists for those who cannot defend themselves,” he said. “It is very powerful to witness the passion and sheer size of the pro-life movement.  To be able to lead such a powerful witness is an incredible honor and very humbling for our club.  It is also a call to for us to continue to work toward that day when every life is valued and protected.”

Reprinted with permission from the Cardinal Newman Society.

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