University Paper: Muslim Cartoons No Way but Cartoon of Jesus in Oral Sex OK

By John-Henry Westen

SASKATOON, March 6, 2006 ( - For the second time in as many weeks, a Canadian university newspaper has published cartoons offending Christianity which make the cartoons from Denmark offending Islam pale in comparison.Â

The University of Saskatchewan student newspaper, The Sheaf, has published a cartoon depicting Jesus performingÂoral sexÂon a pig with the caption reading, “Go on, it’s ok, it’s kosher if you don’t swallow”. The decision to publish the outrageously offensive “Capitalist Piglet” cartoon comes after the same newspaper refused to print the cartoons mocking Mohammed out of respect for Islam.

Two weeks ago, a University of Toronto newspaper published a cartoon depicting Jesus and Mohammed Smooching with a view to promoting tolerance of homosexuality (see coverage: )

  While The Sheaf claims to be independent, university students are required to fund the publication via their tuition. With nearly 20,000 students, the paper receives approximately $120,000 from mandated student fees.

A staff member for Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), an organization which works on campuses across the country, told, “it was totally distasteful and very hurtful to a lot of students.” CCO’s Johnny Hickey, who works full time on the University of Saskatchewan campus said, “it was especially hurtful because last week the paper published an article saying why they didn’t print the cartoons from Denmark.” He said that while students were “hurt, offended, and frustrated” he was nonetheless impressed that they were handling the situation without malice but with a determined effort to see justice done, demanding the resignation of the cartoonist.

A local radio talk show is encouraging students to complain to the human rights commission regarding the offence.

A website has been launched to confront the paper ( WARNING site contains photo of the cartoon), calling on those offended to contact the newspaper’s advertisers and inform them of a boycott over their support of the paper which printed the offensive cartoon.

University President Peter MacKinnon, in a communication to the university campus stated, “In the February 23 edition of the Sheaf, the editors explained that they would not publish the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. It is surprising that they did not exercise similar restraint in their decision to publish ‘Capitalist Piglet’ in the March 2 issue of the paper. This is a cartoon that is certain to cause distress to members of our community. It has divisive shock value only and does nothing to advance the understanding or debate for which universities should be distinguished.”

MacKinnon added, “The Sheaf should apologize to us all.” MacKinnon was not available for comment, and so could not address students’ concerns that they not be forced to fund the paper, which has often carried offensive material.

The paper’s production manager, Liam Richards, told that the printing of the cartoon was “not an editorial decision but a mistake that resulted from a miscommunication.” However, when asked if the paper would accept any further submissions to the paper from the student responsible for the sacrilegious cartoon - Jeff Macdonald - Richards said the paper was still discussing the matter.

To express concerns contact:

University President Peter MacKinnon
[email protected]

The Sheaf Editor
[email protected]

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