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University students play sexually-explicit games to raise money for Planned Parenthood

Calvin Freiburger

NEWARK, Delaware, May 9, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A pro-Planned Parenthood student group recently hosted a “condom carnival” at the University of Delaware, which featured a variety of explicit, sexually-themed activities to raise money for the abortion giant.

Last Friday night saw the campus’ second annual Condom Carnival and Benefit Concert, the school’s student newspaper The Review reports. Organized by the student group Planned Parenthood Generation Action (PPGA), the event featured student musical performances, sold Planned Parenthood merchandise, and offered numerous games and activities, all to celebrate and fundraise for Planned Parenthood.

The student group’s president Jennifer Proebstle, a senior majoring in gender and women’s studies as well as political science, also wanted the carnival to “promote an atmosphere of safe sex and healthy sexuality,” according to The Review. 

Proebstle added that the group has only “had one person try to argue with us ever,” and received just a small handful of negative comments. Multiple conservative students at the University of Delaware have claimed they aren’t more vocal with their views out of fear of their professors and majority-liberal classmates.

“This is just a celebration of reproductive rights and a fundraiser, last year we raised $800 so we’re hoping to do better than that this time,” the group’s vice president, Hannah Lafargue, said. “Also, we just want people to have a really wonderful time and to have a good turn-out.”

The student groups American Association of University Women (AAUW), Haven, V-Day, and Students Acting for Gender Equality (SAGE) participated, as well. The event ultimately raised $838 for Planned Parenthood of Delaware.

In 2013, former Planned Parenthood nurse Joyce Vasikonis testified that the “culture of Planned Parenthood of Delaware was focused on maximizing profits and the bottom line, not quality health care for women.” She and another nurse had blown the whistle on conditions at the abortion giant’s Wilmington location, which state health investigators subsequently found had committed numerous health code violations. They further testified that Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) knew about the offenses, but chose not to report them.

Despite PPGA’s stated mission of promoting healthier sexuality and relationships, many of the activities appeared to trivialize sexuality and use topics such as sex toys, pornography, and bondage for humor.

Among the carnival attractions was a hacky-sack game rebranded “Hit the Clit,” with the hacky sacks replaced with rice-filled condoms and the cardboard target painted like a vagina. Another was a dartboard using inflated condoms as darts, challenging players to “pin the condom on the healthy relationship,” while a third activity consisted challenged students to place a condom on a dildo without looking.

Another activity, a spin-the-wheel game created by student Gillian WIlliams, listed categories such as “Safer Sex,” “Healthy Relationships,” or “Nail Polish.” The latter tasked students to answer whether phrases like “Operation Desert Stormi” or “Brunette on the Internet” were colors of nail polish, or the titles of porn videos.

A fourth category was simply a picture of a rubber duck dressed in bondage gear, which challenged students to tell whether various objects were dog toys or sex toys.

In addition, the group sold a variety of Planned Parenthood merchandise such as shirts, hats, and pins at the event, featuring messages such as “Feminism is not a dirty word” and “Planned Parenthood Makes America Great,” a spin on President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

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