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 Click HERE to donate your unused gift cards to LifeSite today!

(LifeSiteNews) — There is an exciting new way to help support LifeSite’s mission throughout the year. LifeSiteNews has partnered with CardFunder, a giving platform which raises money for our mission through gift card donations!

We have all been gifted at one time or another a gift card to a store we don’t shop at, or now even a store that chose to stop supporting due to tis anti-Christian stance on life and family issues. Oftentimes, we wonder what to do with these old gift cards that just sit in our wallets, or in a drawer at home.

But now, you can donate those extra gift cards through CardFunder to LifeSiteNews as a donation towards our mission!

In fact, in the United States alone, there are over $21B in unused gift cards sitting inside the homes of over half Americans, and the average person has $175 unspent gift cards waiting to be used – that could be a donation to LifeSite!

CardFunder is a free tool that allows donors to contribute to our work, without having to alter their budget for a charitable donation. Simply go to our special giving site HERE and enter in your gift card information. The rest will be handled by CardFunder, which will transfer roughly 60% of the gift card value amount to LifeSiteNews each month.

We understand and acknowledge that our readers and donors could be going through a difficult time with the current economic climate. At LifeSite we’re committed to thinking of new and intuitive ways for you to help further our news coverage by giving something besides a monetary cash donation.

If you have questions about this, or would like help entering in your gift cards, please reach out to our team, today or at any time at 1-888-678-6008 ext 1.

We appreciate all you do for LifeSite – your prayers, your advocacy, and your support!

 Click HERE to donate your unused gift cards to LifeSite today!