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Protesters march across Victoria Bridge during a rally against a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine on October 1, 2021, in Brisbane, AustraliaPhoto by Dan Peled/Getty Images

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(LifeSiteNews) – Nine-hundred staff at schools in the Australian state of Queensland face losing 18 weeks’ wages as the state government introduces punishing financial penalties for those who refused to receive one of the experimental COVID-19 jabs.

The Queensland Department of Education’s assistant director general Anne Crowley announced the decision in an August 22 letter, instructing the 900 staff – including teachers, teaching aides, and administration employees – that they would lose income as a result of having “acted inappropriately” by not receiving the shots.

Crowley stated that the Education Department had “lost trust” in those who refused the jabs, with the chief health officer only permitting unvaccinated teachers to return to work from June after banning them in November over jab refusal. The department recognized that the 900 who refused vaccination represent a vanishing minority of teachers at just over 1 percent of the 54,000 employees who complied with the mandate.

Crowley wrote: “Your conduct in failing to comply with the direction [to receive a COVID shot] posed a risk to the health and safety of your co-workers, students and members of the public which was mitigated only by the steps taken by the department to suspend you from duty.”

“It is important that you are aware of the seriousness with which the department views your inappropriate behaviour and failure to comply with the direction,” the department scorned.

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With kids in schools across America being used as pawns to advance the radical left's woke political agenda, the Minneapolis Teachers Union has taken this effort to a new low, now blatantly targeting white teachers specifically because of the color of their skin.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition to Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT), along with the leaders of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and Minneapolis Public Schools, expressing your disgust with the union's illegal, unconstitutional embrace of reverse racism in their bargaining practices!

Thirty-thousand students were forced out of the classroom this past spring when the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers went on a strike for nearly three weeks, demanding higher pay, reduced class sizes, and increased diversity in hiring practices, among other things.

The strike finally came to an end on March 25th when the union and Minneapolis Public Schools reached a tentative new contract agreement addressing many of the members' concerns, but one particular provision was eventually identified for its inherently problematic embrace of blatant, race-based discrimination...

The new agreement stipulates that, going forward, white teachers will be LAID OFF first as a means to advance the liberal MFT's "diversity" agenda.

This plan completely disregards attributes such as seniority, qualifications, or job performance, and, instead, values teachers' general worthiness to sustain their livelihood based on their skin color alone -- a glaringly racist, discriminatory practice that goes hand-in-hand with the woke left's agenda of hate, division, and indoctrination in our children's schools.

Not only is this alarmingly regressive, it is also illegal AND unconstitutional.

The MFT's agreement with Minneapolis Public Schools is a clear violation of both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (which "prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin") and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (which requires all citizens to be treated equally under the law, and remain free from discriminatory policies that seek to harm them based on personal characteristics like race).

But if a major teachers union can somehow justify and openly endorse such a bold-faced transgression against a specific race without consequence, anyone can (and eventually will) try to do the same, and it's only a matter of time until a regressive racial policy like this affects YOU.

While the MFT's latest move may be racist towards white teachers, specifically, it could ultimately prove a bellwether for similar policies in other cities and states that may seek to discriminate against those of other races, as well.

No American (be they a teacher, or anything else) should be judged by such attributes; rather, it is the content of their character, and, in this case, their professional abilities, qualifications, and experience, that should determine their value in the workplace.

Anything less would be a grave injustice, but that's exactly what liberal teachers unions like the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers are attempting to do.

This is not only a dangerous precedent to set, but a patently un-American one, and it's time for men and women of all races, in every corner of our country, to take a stand and say "ENOUGH'S ENOUGH!"

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition to the MFT, AFT, and Minneapolis Public Schools expressing your opposition to their racist, un-American agreement targeting white teachers simply for being white, and let them know. that you stand against ALL forms of woke racism in education and the workplace!

This agreement is a slap in the face to everything America is all about, and harkens back to a much darker period in our history which we should've turned away from a long time ago.

But with so-called "progressives" more concerned with being "woke" than upholding core American values, no workplace -- not even our schools -- is safe for anyone.

Let the MFT, AFT, and Minneapolis Public Schools know that the American people oppose their attempts to divide us further by race, and that woke radicalism has no place in Minneapolis classrooms, or any American classroom!

Thank you!

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Malcolm Roberts, senator for Queensland, slammed the policy as an “inhuman, capricious move by Queensland Education” in an August 24 tweet.

“In addition to being stood down without pay and bullied, unjabbed teachers will be forced to pay a fine in the form of docked wages. As they say, it’s a triple caning,” the legislator wrote.

The letter explained that all staff “subject to disciplinary processes have received individual consideration of their circumstances, and decisions about appropriate disciplinary penalties have been made.” Although initially vying to deduct wages over a 20-week pay period, the department settled on 18 weeks after considering teachers’ objections to the proposal.

Crowley noted that “there is nothing in the submissions made by you that lead me to consider the imposition if a disciplinary action is not a reasonably appropriate and proportionate outcome.” As a result, “approximately $25–$90 AUD [$17–$62 USD] per week gross, proportionate to the normal pay that a staff member receives” will be deducted, a department spokesman confirmed.

“The disciplinary action reflects the seriousness of the matter,” the letter continued, “but as you remain an employee of the department, affords you the opportunity to continue to perform your duties, and display modified behaviour, by complying with directions in future.”

“I acknowledge that the disciplinary action will have a financial impact on you. However, I consider that the seriousness of the disciplinary action and its impact on you is proportionate to the seriousness of your conduct.”

Writing for Spectator Australia, Catholic journalist Joel Agius described the punishing policy as “discriminatory in addition to being nasty.”

“It is separating teachers by a medical status they should neither be required nor compelled to disclose if we still believe in our once-cherished privacy laws,” he wrote. “The income of vaccinated teachers will remain the same simply because they were good little government serfs. Unvaccinated teachers, despite posing no more risk to anyone than their double, triple, or even quadruple vaccinated counterparts, will lose thousands of dollars of income during a cost of living crisis.”

Tracy Tully, secretary for teachers’ union the Teachers Professional Association of Queensland, said it is “unconscionable that imposing a financial penalty or any disciplinary measure would somehow be appropriate because these educators have not broken any law or engaged in serious misconduct in the workplace” by opting not to take a COVID shot.

Tully confirmed that some teachers are prepared to appeal the decision with the Industrial Relations Commission, Australia’s employment tribunal adjudicator.

Help Jenny Porter recover from her vaccine injury: LifeFunder