WASHINGTON, January 25, 2012 ( – The mother of Chen Guangcheng, one of China’s most famous human rights activists and forced-abortion opponents, has been barred from seeing family members although she is gravely ill, one pro-life leader reported Wednesday.

Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF) said that a source from within China shared the latest news about Chen. The blind human rights activists and self-taught lawyer remains under house arrest due to his work exposing the country’s coercive one-child policy; along with his wife he continues to suffer beatings, harassment, and 24/7 monitoring by police.

“Right now is the Chinese New Year, it’s a time of family reunion, and Chen’s family is not able to do that at all,” Littlejohn told


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Littlejohn said that Chen’s mother is apparently very ill, requiring frequent trips to the hospital for intravenous medication, but that Chen’s brothers are not allowed to accompany her.

Chen’s case was recently launched into the national spotlight when actor Christian Bale was roughed up by government operatives surrounding Chen’s home when Bale attempted to visit the activist to express his support.

Littlejohn encouraged supporters of Chen in the United States to keep up the pressure against China for its injustice against Chen.

“We don’t want him to drop from view and be forgotten,” said Littlejohn.

WRWF is currently sponsoring a “sunglasses campaign” in which supporters from across the world have sent in photographs of themselves wearing shades to signify their support of the blind activist. U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, a leading voice for international human rights in Congress, has submitted his own sunglasses image.

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A previous version of this story stated that Chen was unable to see his mother. A further clarification from the source revealed that Chen’s mother has been barred from seeing her other sons, but has been able to be with Chen himself.