CHELMSFORD, England, Jan 26 (LifeSiteNews) – The British government has granted permission for twins to remain in Britain indefinitely. They were born in the United States to a surrogate mother who was carrying them for a homosexual millionaire couple.  LifeSite reported last September that Barrie Drewitt, and Tony Barlow caused an uproar in Britain after paying an   American company nearly half a million (Canadian) dollars to allow them to have surrogate twins. Each of the men donated sperm, which were combined with donor eggs and implanted in American Rosalind Bellamy. The twins were not granted UK citizenship. British law considers Bellamy and her husband to be the parents of the twins.

The homosexual pair made legal history after the twins were born in December when a US Supreme Court judge decided to allow the two men to be placed on the birth certificates of the children as parents without mention of a mother. The company responsible for arranging the surrogacy agreement, “Growing Generations”, is located in Turlock California. It advertises on the Internet as the “first and only gay and lesbian owned surrogacy firm   exclusively serving the gay community worldwide.”

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