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Mug shot for Elizabeth Underwood, who assaulted a pro-life woman demonstrating outside an abortion facility in Huntsville, Ala.

May 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Police have arrested the woman who assaulted a pro-life abolitionist outside the Alabama Women’s Center in Huntsville.

Elizabeth Underwood was booked for third-degree aggravated assault and released Wednesday night.

Underwood is seen smiling in the mug shot for her arrest by the Huntsville Police Department.

The 28-year-old was caught on video May 3 striking Mary Baggett as Baggett demonstrated outside the abortion facility with her son, along with two other pro-life advocates.

Underwood and another unidentified male were leaving the facility in their respective cars when the male verbally challenged the pro-life demonstrators.

Baggett was filming with her cell phone as the group conducted its outreach because the week before, she’d been approached in a hostile manner outside the abortion facility by the husband of one of the facility’s escorts, a largely built man who yelled expletives at her. Baggett told LifeSiteNews the man had a “murderous look” in his eyes.

On Friday, May 3, Underwood came toward Baggett and the rest of the small group with her, yelling that they didn’t have permission to record her.

After confronting the other young man in the group, Underwood charged Baggett and struck her, knocking Baggett’s phone from her hands to the ground, before then taking the phone and heading toward her car.

Baggett pursued her, demanding the return of her phone, which Underwood eventually threw to the ground before exiting in her car.

Baggett, who reported feeling pain in her hands, feet, and back in the immediate aftermath of the assault, was treated at the scene by EMS. She sustained injuries to her hand that were visible more than a week later when she signed the paperwork for the complaint, resulting in the charges against Underwood being upgraded from simple assault to third-degree assault.

The assault on Baggett marks one of many attacks on advocates demonstrating for life outside abortion facilities nationwide of late.

The pro-abortion assaults on pro-life advocates don’t typically garner attention in the mainstream media.

Alabama and a handful of other states have passed comprehensive laws in recent months with increased protection for the unborn, angering abortion-supporters.

Baggett told LifeSiteNews she had some hesitation over pressing charges against Underwood because she felt bad for her. But Baggett said she thought it was important to do something in response to the assault, given the many others who, because they witness to life at abortion sites, are placed in harm’s way from pro-abortion individuals.