By Steve Jalsevac

  March 4, 2008 ( – LifeSiteNews has just received an updated list of all the Canadian movie theatre showings for the movie Bella next weekend April 11-13.

  See the list at

  Olivier Gauthier-Mercier of Maximum Film Distribution told in an interview today that on the Monday after that first weekend ticket sales will be reviewed and a decision made about whether additional theatres and Canadian markets can be added. That is why, said Gauthier, “it is important to get as many people as possible to the theatres that first weekend. A lot of money has been invested” in these first screenings, he said, and therefore continued screenings will have to be justified by strong evidence that this is a movie the Canadian public is willing to pay to see.

  The producers and supportive organizations are encouraging Church pulpit announcements this weekend to encourage members of their congregations to go to the movie next weekend.

  A suggested announcement has been provided:

The powerful, life-affirming movie Bella is showing at [name of theatre] next weekend. This winner of the People’s Choice award at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival has been praised by pro-life, pro-family and Christian organizations across North America. It is an entertaining Hollywood quality film that deserves your support. If ticket sales are strong this first weekend it will be shown in more theatres and cities throughout Canada. Please make an effort to see Bella and bring others with you. Because of the subject matter the movie is not recommended for young children.

  See the official Bella website:

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