Urgent- Only 2 days left!

There are only 2 days left and we still have a long way to go to reach our goal!
Thu Jun 25, 2020 - 8:44 am EST
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June 24, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Although there are only 2 days left in our Summer Fundraising, we have faith that the goal can still be reached.  

You depend on our news because LifeSite is a very unique source of professional, reliable, and timely news reporting on the issues the mainstream media deliberately ignores, distorts and lies about in order to advance their globalist anti-life, anti-family, anti-freedom agenda.   

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more difficult every day to bring LifeSite articles to the millions of people who come to our site every month because of growing censorship tactics. Especially because of the upcoming US election, social media and big tech corporations are hell-bent on silencing you and those who share your worldview.   
But we still manage to get around them in many ways thanks to the incredibly talented marketing, technical and other highly motivated professionals that LifeSite has been blessed to have on our team. 

It’s become clearer in recent months that the New World Order manipulators will stop at nothing to silence us. It is all-out information warfare right now – with all means being justified. President Donald Trump frightens them that much!  

Just this past week, YouTube censored one of our investigative videos showing the connection between the civil chaos happening here, and around the world, with George Soros and the organizations he funds. That incredibly revealing 11-minute investigative video simply used the facts and evidence publicly available - and yet we were still censored!   

We did the research, and we were the ones censored. Why? Because of the Truth. They absolutely do not want you to see what is in that video because it just might possibly lead to George Soros finally being investigated, convicted and jailed for his multi-billion-dollar-funded, globalist radicalization schemes.  

This is what we are up against, and this is exactly why I must challenge you to stop everything, right now, and make a gift of support of whatever amount you can afford to for our pro-life and pro-family news reporting. To make a donation, follow this secure link: 

To sustain our mission year-round, I hope you will consider supporting LifeSite on a monthly basis. Please check out this video made by some of our monthly Sustainers to hear why they Sustain Life:  

A chip-in gift of $10, $20, or $35 or more per month will go a long way to help us reach our fundraising goal by June 26th.   

Please click on the following link to make your secure gift today:  

When you join our family of Sustain Life monthly supporters today, you will:   

  • Enjoy unique access to the latest breaking stories,   

  • Get our exclusive sustainer-only quarterly newsletter with behind-the-scenes information on how your support is directly impacting the culture,  

  • Have an easy and consistent way to budget your giving,  

  • Receive an exclusive “Proud Sustainer” fridge magnet.  

And to make your monthly gift commitment even more impactful, thanks to a generous donor, we are able to match your monthly gift for the rest of the year – up to $120,000! That means your $10 monthly gift becomes $20, $25 becomes $50, and so on.   

As a reader-funded organization, your generosity, no matter how large or small the gift, is incredibly important to our continued reporting and the impact that it has on the culture.  

We absolutely must reach our fundraising goal in the next 2 days!  

The areas where the mainstream media is either silent, or hopelessly biased, are exactly the areas that need a voice to speak out boldly, fearlessly, and unapologetically. Our mission is committed to stand up in defense of the unborn, the family, people of faith, and freedom - no matter what!  

Unlike the huge anti-life and anti-family non-profits and media organizations, we have no multi-million-dollar celebrity supporters, we receive no government or church funding, and we cannot count on huge grants from foundations funded by the world’s wealthy elite. This is a good thing, but this is exactly why we need your support!  

For over 20 years now, our army of everyday readers like you have sustained this truth mission, and the impact of such committed readers has truly been amazing.   

Your generosity is what makes this mission a David vs. Goliath effort. Though your donation may feel small in comparison to the millions being funneled into organizations seeking to destroy our culture, with God on our side, we always know that anything is possible!   

With the faithful support of so many dedicated pro-life and pro-family warriors like you, we always seem to be able to achieve what others would consider to be impossible! 

To make a donation of any amount, follow this secure link:

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