By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

MONTEVIDEO, May 25, 2009 ( – A senator from Uruguay’s ruling “Broad Front” coalition says that if the grouping of socialist political parties wins the national elections in October it will introduce legislation to create “homosexual marriage.”

“Homosexual couples should have the same right to marry each other as heterosexuals,” Senator Margarita Percovich told Monte Carlo Radio in an interview.

“To marry or not is an option that heterosexual couples have, and homosexuals should have the same possibility of choosing [it],” she added.

In recent days, President Tabare Vazquez, also a Broad Front member, eliminated a prohibition against homosexuals serving in the Uruguayan armed forces, sparking protests from veterans who predicted that the measure would create “resentment.”

“It caused a terribly negative opinion,” a veteran told the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais. “This is a very sensitive topic because it affects the discipline of the army. It is not known why the government did it.”

Although Vazquez was applauded by social conservatives for vetoing legislation supported by his own party that would have depenalized abortion in Uruguay in 2008, he posed no resistance to simultaneous legislation mandating homosexualist indoctrination in the nation’s school system.

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