GOP Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, a favourite of many pro-lifers, is according to his manager “seriously considering” leaving the liberal on abortion Republican Party for the Reform Party.  (ABC News)

Pro-lifers in Kansas have taken up sidewalk counselling outside the abortuary of George Tiller in the hopes of rescuing the 14-year-old, 24-week-pregnant Arizona girl from the horror of abortion.  (

Rhode Island lawmakers proposed Tuesday to allow late-term abortions (beyond the 19th week)  to be performed outside of hospitals in licensed ambulatory surgical centers.  (

MSNBC news reports today that the family of Donna Brennan, the assisted-suicide victim of Kevorkian sidekick Dr.Georges Reding, said during an interview that “Donna had not been diagnosed as terminal. She had good years left. She was very vital.” 

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director Priests for Life issued a short paper yesterday discussing why pro-lifers can never “agree to disagree” with abortion supporters.  (EWTN News)

Los Angeles Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala and the Rev. Peter Liuzzi, director of the Los Angeles archdiocese’s ministry to homosexual persons, revealed Monday that they had resigned from the National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries.  (Dallas News)