FARGO, ND, Dec 16 ( – Fargo resident Amy Jo Mattson, has launched a lawsuit against a local abortion facility seeking to stop the abortuary from misleading clients about the abortion-breast cancer link. According to the Red River Women’s Clinic pamphlet, distributed to prospective abortion patients in Fargo, North Dakota, “Anti-abortion activists claim that having an abortion increases the risk of developing breast cancer and endangers future childbearing. None of these claims are supported by medical research or established medical organizations.” 

The suit alleges that this statement is misleading and constitutes false advertising. 

It is being brought on behalf of women considering abortion and the general public, and is supported by a local physician, a Fargo crisis pregnancy center, and the Fargo Catholic Diocese. 

Mattson is being represented by attorney John Kindley, author of a widely-read article in the Wisconsin Law Review on informed consent and the abortion/breast cancer link. 

North Dakota law forbids placing before the public assertions, representations and statements of fact,  which are untrue, deceptive or misleading. 

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