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October 11, 2021, (LifeSiteNews) – It began with a trickle –– and then a flood –– of tweets on Sunday about Southwest Airline pilots calling in sick to protest their company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and then a cascade of reports that pilots from other airlines, as well as critical employees in other segments of the transportation industry, are preparing to follow suit.  

After Southwest pilots filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against their company’s mandate, Southwest cancelled nearly 2,000 flights over the weekend, citing “bad weather.” While the airline and pilots’ union are dismissive of the reports of a pilot walkout, reports on Twitter and elsewhere have continued to emerge.   

‘The revolt begins’

“The revolt begins at Southwest Airlines,” announced Alex Berenson via his Substack, Unreported Truths.  “Pilots at Southwest appear to be sicking out in a rebellion against vaccine mandates that has crippled the airline since Friday.” 

“Why Southwest and not United?” asked Berenson.   

“Maybe because LUV is based in Dallas and has a 50-year-history of standing up to government overreach. On Friday the pilots’ union asked for a temporary halt to the mandate,” he explained. “The flight cancellations began almost immediately and are continuing today.” 

A Southwest pilot who wrote to Berenson explained why the pilots’ union is not publicly supportive of the ‘sick out’ reports:  

[T]he union cannot organize or even acknowledge the sickout, because doing so would make it an illegal job action. 

. . . 

But at the moment the pilots don’t even have to talk to each other about what they’re doing. The anger internally – not just among pilots but other Southwest workers – is enormous.   

. . .  

Telling pilots in particular to comply or face termination has backfired. 

“This pilot says he loves Southwest and finds the crisis painful but feels that if this is the only way Americans can stand up to these mandates, then let the chips fall,” concluded Berenson.  

“Way more to this Southwest thing,” tweeted Jack Posobiec, senior editor at Human Events. “Other airline crews are joining in.”  

Posobiec said in another tweet that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s office has been “getting lit up” since Saturday night by transportation industry lobbyists and “even a few CEO’s.” “They want him to talk to [Biden] about mandates, per [White House] official,” Posobiec said. 

Twitter user Joshua posted a note from his pilot father about the cancellation of Southwest Airline flights: 

Want to know why?  They told their pilots and flight attendants they had until November to get jabbed.  So now they have to use all their banked vacation and personal time, or lose it.  And off duty crew are not picking up trips to cover.  Jacksonville ATC [Air Traffic Controllers] walked out too Milwaukee ATC is expected to follow today.   

There is no weather. Southwest just doesn’t want to tell you the real reason why. 

. . . 

80% of our pilots are ex-military.  We see the tyranny that’s happening.  They’re coming for essential workers first (nurses, doctors, firefighters, police, military, teachers and transportation workers) and they’re coming for the rest of America next.  We’re not doing it for us, we’re doing it for America.  We swore to defend the constitution against all enemies. 

A U.S airline pilot posted a video on Friday explaining the untenable position in which  airline COVID-19 vaccine mandates are placing pilots and other employees: 

I’ve been an airline pilot for 18 years and now I’m facing an ultimatum.  Not a choice, but an ultimatum.  

 I’m being told that in order to continue my career as an airline pilot I must be vaccinated, which really means I have to choose between putting food on the table for my family and my freedom of choice.  Whether you believe vaccination is the right thing to do or not, the situation goes far beyond health.  

We the American people have fought for freedom for 257 years.  We go around the world spreading ideas of freedom and democracy.  We help other countries and people fight for their freedoms, while ours are being stripped away.  

You may think that being forced to wear a mask or get a vaccination is insignificant, but when you begin to compile mandate after mandate and loss of freedom after freedom it becomes very significant.   

As each thing is taken away, we face what is known as the shifting baseline syndrome.  This syndrome changes our idea of a new and acceptable ‘normal.’  Soon we will not remember what it was like to have the freedoms we once did.  Our children and our grandchildren will experience less freedom and they won’t have the privilege or the pleasure to enjoy the same choices our parents had or that we have.  

If we give into these mandates and we do not stand up for our freedom of choice, we dishonor every armed service person over the last 257 years ––a disservice to the people who fought and bled for the very freedoms we enjoy. 

Whether you believe in vaccination or not, I’m standing up for your freedom of choice.  

You may support the vaccine mandates because they fall in line with your current beliefs, but if we let this happen now, there will be a day when you’re told what to do will not fall in line with your beliefs.   

If we do not stand together and fight back in one voice, soon we can be told where to live, what job we will do, what religion to believe, and how many children we can have.  

Do you really want someone telling your children or your grandchildren what, when, and how they will live every minute of their lives?   

It’s time we take a stance.  It’s time we fight for our freedom of choice while we still can.   

“Join us!” he urges at the end of the now-viral video, viewed over 999,000 times at the time and quickly climbing.   

Candace Owens took to Twitter and urged her followers to retweet the pilot’s video message, saying, “STAND WITH THE PILOTS.  THIS is the America I know.” 


Other conservatives have taken to social media to support airline pilots refusing to work because of the “vaccine” mandates.   

“Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate at work!” exclaimed Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas). “Suddenly, we’re short on pilots & air traffic controllers.”  

“Southwest Airlines employees, keep pushing back!” tweeted Errol Webber, a California congressional candidate.   

“Air Traffic Controllers, keep pushing back! Hold the line! Make the airline industry crack,” he added.  

“Southwest employees are true patriots. Rebellion against tyranny is such a beautiful thing,” declared Breitbart News journalist Alana Mastrangelo.  


“I stand with the flight attendants, ground crew and pilots who value their bodily autonomy!  CANCEL MY FLIGHTS — CONTINUE THE FIGHT!” tweeted Andy Swan, whose message has been retweeted thousands of times.  

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Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues.

It's official: Joe Biden has announced that his Administration will be forcing COVID vaccinations on nearly 1/3rd of American citizens, blatantly disregarding the personal objections of millions of people and moving America ever closer towards a medical dictatorship.

We cannot stand for this unprecedented overreach, and we will not submit to Biden's tyrannical public coercion efforts.

Please SIGN this urgent petition informing the President that you will NOT comply with these unconstitutional vaccine mandate orders issued by the Biden Administration, and that elected officials should act in their capacity to block these intrusive demands.

On Thursday, September 9th, Joe Biden announced the latest round of federal orders meant to further coerce large swaths of the public into getting the COVID vaccine -- many against their will.

While the legal standing of these measures is, at best, dubious, the Biden Administration appears more ready than ever to gut our individual rights and practically erase medical autonomy in our country.

This latest escalation in overreach was announced via a televised speech in which Biden outlined a new "six-point plan" that includes far more than just six avenues to achieve mass medical compliance.

Among the most egregious new federal mandates are the following:

  • A requirement that all private businesses employing more than 100 people mandate their workers get the Covid-19 vaccine or submit to weekly testing (to be implemented by way of a new Department of Labor rule)
  • A requirement that all federal employees and federal contractors get the COVID vaccine
  • A requirement that all healthcare workers in facilities that receive reimbursement from Medicare and/or Medicaid (an estimated 17 million) get the Covid-19 vaccine without an alternative testing option
  • A requirement that all Head Start teachers get the COVID vaccine
  • A federal effort to lobby states to implement vaccine mandates for all school employees, and require regular testing of all students and school staff
  • A federal effort to lobby entertainment venues to require proof of vaccination or testing in order to grant entry to the public
  • A continuation of mask mandates on all federal properties and during interstate travel (i.e. planes, trains, buses)

All in all, these new vaccine mandates, which will go into effect within the coming weeks, will affect an estimated 100 million American workers -- 2/3rds of the entire workforce!

And, according to an administration official, violations of these unconstitutional requirements could result in fines of up to $14,000.

While this is clearly a political ploy on the part of the Joe Biden and his team of power-hungry Washington insiders to shift the focus from their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the American public knows better: After nearly a year and a half's worth of arbitrary, ever-changing, and unconstitutional government mandates in response to the COVID outbreak, it was always a given that the Biden Administration would ramp things up even further when it behooved them.

And now, it would seem that time has officially come.

"This is not about freedom or personal choice," Biden uttered in his remarks, confirming his administration's blatant dismissal of all Americans' right(s) to accept or decline the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

This is a stunning reversal from Biden's declaration last December that "I don’t think [the vaccine] should be mandatory, I wouldn’t demand it to be mandatory."

In fact, Biden even confirmed his intention to flout states' rights in the process, warning that "If these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way."

These are not the words of an "empathetic" leader; these are the words of an aspiring dictator. And, for the time being, the only way to stop Joe Biden's tyranny is through mass noncompliance.

As we've said from the beginning, science, basic logic, and common sense should dictate policy regarding COVID and the Delta variant.

But Joe Biden and the federal government have long abandoned those principles throughout this crisis, culminating into this disturbing yet inevitable flurry of intrusive vaccine mandates that use people's jobs, individual autonomy, and livelihood as leverage.

This assault on our individual rights, private businesses, and American workers cannot be tolerated, and the easiest way to combat these unlawful orders is to just say NO.

Please SIGN and SHARE this most important petition letting Joe Biden know that you will NOT comply with the unconstitutional medical demands being made by this administration, and that action should be taken to block any intrusive action against working Americans and private employers.

Thank you!


'Biden announces vaccine requirements for private businesses, impacting tens of millions of Americans':

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[1]“Southwest Airlines is just the start.  KEEP PUSHING BACK,” urged Jillian Anderson, formerly of Fox News.   

Some Southwest Airlines passengers, displaced by the many cancelled flights, said they didn’t mind the inconvenience if due to protests against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

“I’m stuck in a city where I know no one, rental cars are sold out, hotels are full, and I may not be able to fly home due to the airline workers’ strike against govt mandates,” asserted traveler Ann Bauer. 

“I’m ELATED. I will take an uber, find a Red Roof Inn and crawl home if I have to. Keep the faith.”  

“If  Southwest Air employees end up saving America, it’ll be the only airline I ever fly,” said Emma Woodhouse.  

“Amazing. Southwest Airlines is blaming the weather for 1,000+ cancelled flights and not employees calling out sick over the vaccine mandate. Weird how the weather didn’t hit other airlines,” noted Robby Starbuck, a candidate for Congress in Tennessee.   

“Sounds as accurate as Fauci’s science!” said Starbuck.  “This is only the start. Disobedience has begun!”