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PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island criticized Pope Francis’ most recent restrictions against the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass.

The conservative bishop wrote on Twitter, “The way the Vatican is dealing with the Traditional Latin Mass does not seem to me to be the ‘style of God.’ Pope Francis himself has emphasized that those who are attached to the TLM should be ‘accompanied, listened to, and given time.’”

Bishop Thomas Tobin is one of the more outspoken American prelates on controversial points of Catholic doctrine and has called out President Joe Biden for his extreme support of abortion while calling himself a good Catholic.

Tobin’s criticisms of the Vatican come in response to Rome’s announcement this week that the Pope has “confirmed” restrictions that Cardinal Arthur Roche, prefect of the Dicastery for Divine Worship, wished to impose on bishops throughout the world regarding permissions to celebrate the Latin Mass. The restrictions require that a diocesan bishop obtain permission from the Vatican to allow the celebration of the Latin Mass in a parish church, and to grant to a priest ordained after the promulgation of Traditionis Custodes permission to celebrate the Latin Mass.

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As LifeSiteNews has reported this week, “Following the publication of Traditionis custodes and Roche’s subsequent Responsa, some diocesan bishops had invoked Canon 87 §1 in order to allow a parish church to be used for the traditional Mass, since this had been banned under the Pope’s document. By using Canon 87, a bishop can dispense from ‘universal and particular disciplinary laws’ for the faithful in his diocese when he deems that “it contributes to their spiritual good.’”

As LifeSiteNews has reported, Roche sent letters to bishops telling them they could not invoke Canon 87 to dispense from the application of Traditionis custodes regarding the celebration of the Latin Mass in a parish church, a claim that was contradicted by canon lawyers versed in the particulars of Church law.

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Roche has shown himself extremely hostile toward Catholics who wish to worship according to the ancient liturgy of the Latin Rite, calling them more Protestant than Catholic.

The Pope’s confirmation of Roche’s restrictions comes as The Remnant reported that it has confirmed from sources within the Vatican that Pope Francis is currently reviewing a draft document aimed at entirely abolishing the celebration of the Tridentine Mass. The document under review would potentially declare the Novus Ordo Mass of Paul VI to be the only official liturgy of the Latin Rite and would severely regulate the Traditional Latin Mass communities such as the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and the Institute of Christ the King by prohibiting ordinations to the priesthood and diaconate within the Old Rite.

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The Pope’s newest restrictions also come as traditional Catholics have become the target of FBI surveillance, as revealed by a leaked memo that has increasingly garnered condemnation among the Catholic hierarchy, politicians in Washington, D.C, and even secular news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal.

Despite being targeted by both the Vatican and the FBI, studies show that the Traditional Latin Mass continues to flourish in the U.S.


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