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(LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland called out Pfizer in the wake of leaked emails revealing how the vaccine maker purposely hid information regarding the COVID shot and aborted fetal cells.

Early this month, a former Pfizer employee, Melissa Strickler, blew the whistle on the pharmaceutical giant to Project Veritas. Strickland shared the explosive interview on Twitter the day after it was released.

In the latest episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, His Excellency discussed how this new information shows the corruption of the pharma company, and he doubled down on his opposition to vaccine mandates.

Strickland said the emails revealed how Pfizer leaders did not want information regarding abortion-tainted vaccines to get out to the public because “people might not like the idea,” and not argue like “many people do in the Church or otherwise [that] there’s really no connection to abortion or it’s so remote.”

The Texas bishop added that Pfizer is “saying let’s cover this up, because it might disturb people. It might make our stock go down.”

Strickland said the whistleblower’s exposé proves that the “vaccine’s connection to abortion is much more real than a lot of people want to believe.” He once again stated that for this reason and many more he is strongly against mandates and forcing people to get injected against their free will.

Bishop Strickland also warned that the jab mandates rolling out all over the world are far bigger than just the COVID vaccine. He encouraged people to “say no. I’m not going to do it just because you mandate it, in that, who knows what next crazy thing will come up.”

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