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(LifeSiteNews) – On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland exhorts us to remain close to the Church’s mission in order to avoid making compromises with evil.

This month, the Texas House of Representatives voted on a bill that would allow Christian chaplains in schools. The bill, which also cleared the state Senate, passed the House along party lines.

His Excellency, commenting on the bill, said, “Certainly we’re going to have different opinions, different ideas, but we’ve gone into a zone where false messages are being proclaimed and things contradictory to just basic truth. And we need to support any legislators, any Church leaders, any business leaders, [who] are really rooted in the truth that God has revealed to us.”

“Without faith we fall apart. We really do,” he continued. “And … we’ve seen that. With all of these agendas that keep getting pushed by Hollywood and by politicians that are just pushing this woke agenda, where does it lead people? It leads people into darkness, into sadness, into depression, too often to suicide. Leads them to think, well, drugs are the answer or some other … human thing is the answer. The answer is knowing who we are and knowing we come from God.”

Bp. Strickland also commented on a recent attempt by the Biden administration to force a Catholic hospital to snuff out a sanctuary lamp, signifying the Presence of Christ in the hospital chapel’s tabernacle, because of an open flame.

Remarking that it reminds him of a recent talk he heard by Peter Greer, founder of HOPE International, His Excellency said, “We’ve got to stop compromising. We’ve got to stop the ‘mission drift,’ because one step in the wrong direction becomes the next step, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten what you’re about.”

“Nothing should cause us to let go of the truth that Christ has revealed to us,” he continued. “And we have to be strong, we have to be clear, and we have to simply say no to anything that contradicts the Deposit of Faith that we’ve inherited.”

Later in the episode, Strickland commented on a statement by Cardinal Robert Sarah in which he said that “pastoral strategies without any demands, without an appeal to conversion, without a radical return to God, are paths that lead nowhere. They are politically correct games that cannot lead us to the crucified God, our true Liberator.”

“[Cdl. Sarah] reminds us [that] when we exclude God, we’re done. We’re sunk as individuals and as a human society,” Strickland said.

Linking Sarah’s statement with what was discussed earlier in the show, His Excellency said, “[M]ore and more people [are] coming to realize that without God, we have no future, we have no life now. It’s not just about everlasting life. It’s about having the life God has created us to share right here and now.”

“There’s a reason we’re part of this creation, but we’re called to transform it, and allow ourselves to be shaped by God instead of playing God and shaping the world according to our image.”

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