WASHINGTON, June 27 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The US National Conference of Catholic Bishops has condemned the use of a secret Justice Department criminal database to track and monitor peaceful and law abiding pro-life organizations. The database includes information on whether such groups have political clout or are opposed to Clinton administration policies on health care, homosexuals and abortion.

Insight magazine, which discovered that a secret government database called VAAPCON contained information on the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, reports that a NCCB spokesman said: “If such a database does exist, the attorney general and the FBI have some explaining to do.” Spokesman David Early added: “We were under the impression that the FBI had ended its surveillance of religious organizations in the 1960’s. So obviously we were not aware of it and are anxious to learn more.”

For more see Insight at: https://insightmag.com/cgi-bin/ViewNews.cfm?Item=113 (Page currently unavailable)