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Help Canadian truckers at the border:

(LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland has come out in support of truckers who have been protesting against Canada’s vaccine mandate in Ottawa and at the border to the U.S. for nearly three weeks now.

The bishop of Tyler, Texas, published his comment on Twitter Monday, saying that the freedom convoy is “deeply rooted in the basic values that have built the world [and that] we take for granted.”

Strickland joined the truckers in their opposition to the vaccine mandate, arguing that people must be “free to make choices for [their] own lives,” and that God has given “a tremendous freedom” to men that he created “in His image.”

“We MUST respect individual freedom,” stressed the U.S. bishop.

The freedom convoy began in protest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to reinstate the requirement that all truckers crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada be “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19.

The movement has gained tremendous momentum since then, and though it remains almost entirely peaceful, the mainstream media, as well as the Canadian government, have repeatedly lied to the public in an attempt to discredit the truckers’ cause.

Though the convoy has managed to gather support from a number of politicians in Canada, bishop Strickland’s tweet is only the second instance of public support from a member of the clergy.

Last week, Canadian priest and YouTuber Fr. Anthony Hannan also sent a message of support to the Freedom Convoy, urging Catholic priests near Ottawa to help and saying that the Catholic Church “has let us down” over COVID mandates.

Help Canadian truckers at the border: