ROCKFORD, December 1, 2003 ( – The Diocese of Rockford Illinois, under Bishop Thomas Doran, has developed a policy that will ban all pro-abortion, and pro-homosexuality speakers.  The policy developed last week states: “In the Diocese of Rockford permission to speak at or use diocesan, parish, or institutional property shall not be granted to individuals who hold any view that is contrary to the Catholic Magisterium’s moral teaching and practice.”

Patricia Bainbridge, of the Rockford Diocese Respect Life Office said that the policy was implemented after the repeated promptings of Senator Patrick O’Malley.  Catholic Citizens of Illinois, a publication of concerned Catholics, reports that Senator O’Malley wrote the diocese encouraging the policy.  “As someone who has served in the Illinois General Assembly for 10 years,” wrote O’Malley, “my experience confirms that the adoption of policies as would enforce such an exclusion will profoundly change the debate on abortion in Illinois.”  See the coverage from the Catholic Citizens of Illinois:   (with files from Pro-Life E-News)