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(LifeSiteNews) — American Catholics are planning hundreds of Sacred Heart rallies in reparation for the LGBT “pride” Masses that will take place this month.  

Tradition, Family, Property (TFP), a traditional Catholic activist movement, is organizing Rosary rallies across the United States to offer reparation for the blasphemous “pride”-themed Masses.  

“For centuries, the Catholic Church has consecrated the month of June to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,” TFP rally coordinator José Ferraz told LifeSiteNews.  

However, LGBT activists have now hijacked the month and declared it “pride month,” celebrating sin and depravity.  

“To celebrate homosexual pride at a Mass, during the month of the Sacred Heart, is an unspeakable sacrilege!” TFP Director Gary Isbell wrote in an email to supporters.   

“Is this not worse than Sodom and Gomorrah?” he questioned. “These masses are no less than a slap in the face of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” 

In response to the offenses against the Sacred Heart of Jesus, TFP, in collaboration with America Needs Fatima, will hold public Rosary rallies, led by various Catholics across the United States.  

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“We ask our friends, who we call captains, to lead peaceful and legal public Rosary Rallies,” Ferraz explained. “We also ask for prayers for our country and for the conversion of sinners.” 

TFP is providing the Rosary captains with a prayer banner so that those walking by will know the reason for the rally.  

Already, over 1,000 Catholics have stepped forward to lead the rallies for the month of June. TFP does not currently have a map for the rallies but plans to publish one once the details are finalized.  

Last June, the rallies were a resounding success, with thousands of Americans across the country offering reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  

“We had our Rosary Rally this past Sunday in Hartford, Conn. making a protest and act of reparation against the blasphemous ‘Wonderfully Made – LGBTQ+R(eligion)’ movie being sponsored by a parish, which includes an extremely blasphemous picture of Our Lord’s cross,” one captain reported at the time.  

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“We had six rally attendees present,” he continued. “We had several shows of support, even from some of the parish members. We had some negative feedback, including a transgender man [sic] from the parish staff. On Sunday, Hartford also had its Homosexual Pride Parade, so there were some people there for that. Overall it was a very blessed rally to make a protest and act of reparation against this horrible movie.” 

To support the prayers rallies in reparation for the offences against the Sacred Heart of Jesus, click here.