WASHINGTON, Nov 16 ( – A deal was worked out to pay the United Nations nearly one billion dollars in “back dues” after the Clinton administration agreed to a pro-life restriction on the monies.  Spearheaded by Rep. Chris Smith, the bill forbids the money to be used by agencies that promote abortion abroad. 

However, the President retains the power to cancel that provision while sustaining a 3% or $385-million cut to the funds. 

The agreement was somewhat forced since the UN threatened to remove the US from the General Assembly if it did not pay over half a billion before the end of the year. 

While both pro-life and pro-abortion forces are not impressed with the agreement, a similar bill passed in June may yet halt the funds transfer. The November 8 Weekly Standard reports that the June bill makes UN funding contingent on a reduction in the percentage of the UN budget the US is asked to pay as well as other reforms in programs and management. 

The current funding bill must now must go before a joint House and Senate committee to be reconciled with the June bill. 

With pro-life Senator Jesse Helms as the chair of the Senate committee on Foreign Relations pro-lifers still have reason for hope. 

With files from the Washington Post.