WASHINGTON, Aug. 3 ( – Population Research Institute (PRI) is one of many American organizations angered by the renewal of normal trade relations (NTR) status with China by the House of Representatives. For years socially conscious legislators as well as many pro-family groups like PRI and Family Research Council (FRC) have been fighting to have China’s trade status downgraded over on-going reports of serious human rights abuses in the country. PRI’s particular concern is the communist country’s one-child policy. NTR status was renewed in the House by a vote of 260 to 170.

The decision “sends the wrong signal to that country’s leadership, which continues to engage in a brutally coercive population control program as well as other human rights abuses,” said PRI president Steven Mosher after last week’s vote. “NTR benefits the Communist elite who control China’s state- and military-owned enterprises, and does not benefit ordinary Chinese workers,” he continued, while speaking at a press conference last week that was organized by the FRC.

Mr. Mosher also expressed concern over the possibility of China being welcomed into the World Trade Organization (WTO). “NTR with China must currently be renewed on an annual basis by the president,” he noted, “but if China joins the World Trade Organization it will be granted NTR on a permanent basis.”