LOS ANGELES, August 24, 2004 ( – Two Episcopal parishes in the diocese of Los Angeles have cut all ties to the U.S. national Episcopal church, criticizing the latest move by the national assembly to approve the election of openly homosexual Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire.

All Saints Church in Long Beach and St. James Parish in Newport Beach have announced a decision to place themselves under the authority of a conservative Anglican bishop from Africa.  The two California churches, along with as many as 100 other concerned parishes in the U.S., also decry the U.S. General Convention’s decision to authorize local bishops to solemnize same-sex unions.  Following the Convention’s controversial decisions, parishioner’s of All Saints repeatedly said, “This is bad! We must go,” according to rector Rev. William Thompson, as reported by news.

Los Angeles Episcopal Bishop J. Jon Bruno, who said he has no plans to surrender his authority over the area churches, also incurred criticism when he officiated at the same-sex ceremony of one of his priests, Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd, and his male partner.  The U.S. Episcopal congregation has 2.3-million members; there are 77 million Anglicans world-wide.  Read related coverage:  Homosexual U.S. Episcopal Elected 13 Anglican Bishops Oppose Same-Sex Blessings   tv