WASHINGTON, October 31, 2003 ( – Researchers on teens and birth control who receive millions of dollars in federal grants are getting cold feet because the U.S. government is “questioning the value” of their tax-funded research. Studies of AIDS are getting similar scrutiny.  “I just keep thinking that this is a bad nightmare and I’m actually going to wake up from all this,” said Dr. Liana Clark at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who received $300,000 from the National Institutes of Health to study teens’ “misconceptions” about birth control.  Clark feels a chill because pro-lifers and Republican Congressmen have prompted NIH to question her on whether tax dollars should pay for her research, which some say promotes a “sex positive” attitude among vulnerable teenagers who have enough trouble controlling themselves as it is. “If politics is going to play a role in this, how can I go there?” she said.  For more coverage: and,1,6540123.story