CHICAGO, Feb 16 (LSN) – On Wednesday, US District Judge Charles P. Kocoras allowed Illinois abortionists to continue the most gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion. A state law banning the abortion procedure was to take effect Friday, but was ruled unconstitutional in a case brought forward by the American Civil Liberties Union.  DES MOINES, Iowa, (LSN) – Last Thursday, US District Judge Charles Wolle ordered the city of Bettendorf, Iowa to issue permits for an abortion mill to open in the city, striking down the second attempt by the city to block the abortuary with zoning restrictions. Ruling in favour of Planned Parenthood, the judge said the city violated the constitutional rights of women who would be “served” by the proposed abortuary. Undeterred, pro-lifers vowed to continue to fight the culture of death. “My faith says we’re not going to see a clinic there,” said Laura Stoltenberg of the Life and Family Coalition.  PHILADELPHIA, (LSN) – On Saturday, US District Judge John P. Fullam ruled against 28 pro-lifers who temporarily blocked the entrance to Planned Parenthood’s Center City abortuary three years ago. Pro-lifers Howard Walton, Charles Radich and Joseph Roach and 25 others, were ordered to pay $5,000 (US) in damages, and pay for the legal fees of the plaintiff, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The lawsuit was filed under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act signed by President Clinton in May, 1994.