WASHINGTON, September 9, 2003 ( – Even the powers of the Bush administration seem to be unable to stop the institutionalized indoctrination of children in sex “education” programmes. The powerful Center for Disease Control has granted over $500,000 US to the radical sex and perversion promoters, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). SIECUS programmes give a cynical nod to abstinence education as a part of what they call “comprehensive sexuality education,” but continue to include explicit instructions in sexual practices of any description to young children, some as young as five.  SIECUS is notorious for its aggressive promotion of sexual activity for children as young as nine, and has come under fire repeatedly by Christian and other morally conservative groups over the last twenty years. They are a network of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and feminist organizations that promote libertine and deviant sexual activities in schools and lobbies at the state and federal levels.

SIECUS spokesman, Adrienne Verrilli makes the innocuous sounding claim that their programmes promote “communications skills to proper medical information to assisting parents with talking to their kids.” Their “Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education” include recommendations to teach five year old children about masturbation and homosexual practices. Brian Camenker, president of the Parents’ Rights Coalition in Massachusetts, said, “They never want parents to have a choice. This is about selling sex to kids, and a lot of people don’t realize it,”

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