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(LifeSiteNews) – An international law expert is calling on the United States to immediately withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) to escape an imminent “medical dictatorship” that would seize control of countries around the world.

A “coup d’etat” against the U.S. will be carried out using the WHO as a “front organization” if the U.S. continues its membership in the WHO as two of its currently pending “treaties” are passed, warned human rights attorney Dr. Francis Boyle during a Stop Vax Passports Task Force Webinar.

Take action to email and call your congressional representatives to demand that they secure immediate withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

The international “pandemic accord” currently being negotiated by the WHO, and up for a vote as early as May, “will set up a brand-new international organization with powers to issue legally binding orders all the way down … to your primary care physician,” according to Boyle.

Human rights activist Reggie Littlejohn has pointed out that under the accord, the WHO could potentially force “vaccinations,” quarantine detentions, and the censorship of dissenting health information.

The draft “treaty,” which Littlejohn noted is not officially called a treaty in order to circumvent the U.S. Senate approval process, requires member states to recognize the WHO as the “directing and coordinating authority on international health work, in pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems, and in convening and generating scientific evidence, and, more generally, fostering multilateral cooperation in global health governance.”

“If passed, this treaty will be adopted under Article 19 of the WHO Constitution – an article that allows the WHO to impose legally binding conventions on the WHO’s 194 member states if two-thirds of the member states’ representatives vote in favor of the conventions,” Reclaim the Net pointed out.

The February 1 “zero draft” document contains an apparent loophole by which the WHO can override national sovereignty, which the group insists is left intact by the agreement in its member countries. The draft states that WHO member states retain “the sovereign right to determine and manage their approach to public health, notably pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of health systems, pursuant to their own policies and legislation, provided that activities within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to their peoples and other countries.”

It remains to be seen how the WHO would in practice determine whether member states’ activities did or did not “cause damage to their peoples and other countries.”

Mainstream health organizations and media have already suggested that those who failed to conform to often harmful public health recommendations implemented during the COVID-19 outbreak were perpetuating the spread of the coronavirus.

If the pandemic accord is passed, the effect will be a “medical global police state issuing orders” that overstep those of local health authorities: “Your governor, your local attorney general, your local surgeon general, and contravening all your democratically elected officials,” Boyle said.

Another pending agreement that would reinforce the WHO’s “totalitarian” impact, and “accomplish the exact same thing by another means,” according to Boyle, is found in the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) of 2005.

Currently, the IHR constitute a legally binding instrument under international law. They require 196 countries to build capabilities to detect and report potential public health emergencies worldwide and respond swiftly to a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC) whenever it’s declared by the WHO.

Reclaim the Net has detailed how the proposed amendments to the IHR, like the pandemic accord, recognize the WHO “as the guidance and coordinating authority of international public health response” during a “public health emergency of regional concern” (PHERC).

Even more “nefarious,” said Boyle, is the Global Pandemic Prevention and Biosecurity Act of 2022 contained within the National Defense Authorization Act, which “paves the way for the amendments to the [IHR] and for this treaty, so that in advance, the United States Congress has already given its authorization to both the health regulations and the treaty.

All of this considered, Boyle believes the only way to prevent the WHO from usurping U.S. sovereignty is to pass legislation introduced by Republican Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona that “immediately terminate[s] U.S. membership in the WHO” and “immediately cut[s] off all funding for the WHO.”

“You had better contact Speaker of the House McCarthy and tell them he better get on this immediately and stop this. Otherwise, we are all going to be living under a World Health Organization medical dictatorship under the control of Dr. Tedros, Bill Gates, the Chinese Communist dictatorship, the CDC and Tony Fauci,” Boyle said.

Take action to email and call your congressional representatives to demand that they secure immediate withdrawal from the World Health Organization.