WASHINGTON, DC, October 5, 2007 ( – On National Life Chain Sunday, October 7, pro-life Americans will, for the 20th year, line sidewalks in over 1,300 cities and towns to seek God’s forgiveness and His help to end abortion and related evils in our culture. Participants will hold signs that include Abortion Kills Children; Adoption: The Loving Option; Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation; and Abortion Hurts Women.

  Royce Dunn the Director of Life Chain calls it a “a peaceful witness against a violent public enemy that has terrorized and killed probably well over 100 million preborn Americans and Canadians at surgical abortion clinics and through abortifacient birth control that, tragically, few pastors will expose publicly.”

  Said Life Chain director Royce Dunn, a Protestant, “God declared that ‘My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge [Hosea 4:6].’ That truth is for today, when we the church—the preborns’ only hope for an advocate and defender—are disgraced by our casual response to their horror and loss.”

“During the twentieth century, the spirit of child aversion invaded the conscience and integrity of the church and culminated, predictably, in legalized abortion and its close allies that include human embryo destruction (in the lab), euthanasia, homosexuality, divorce and cohabitation, illegitimacy, addictions, etc.,” explained Dunn.  

“What is termed ‘Satan’s masterpiece’ (the abortion holocaust) is due less to what secular thought has done during our age of materialism than to what the church has forgotten—that children are wealth,” said Dunn.

  Dunn added: “Christian parents heartily assume they would not sell a child for, say $10 million or even $10 billion. Yet ask them if they want another child, especially a third or fourth child, and most are stunned, due largely to lack of teaching on God’s chief purpose for marriage and on fertility management in the Christian home.

“Prolife’s greatest need and what can end legalized abortion is a pastoral awakening that restores heart for preborn humanity. The laity must serve devotedly, but as Afro-American Pastor Clenard Childress writes in No Shepherds Cry, regarding the Unborn’s insufferable plight: “The pew cannot do what the pulpit is suppose to do.””

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