WASHINGTON, October 5, 2005 ( – The US National Right to Life Association approves of Harriet Miers as President Bush’s judicial nominee for the Supreme Court, according to NRLC executive director David N. O’Steen.

“President Bush has an excellent record of appointing judges who recognize the proper role of the courts, which is to interpret the law according to its actual text, and not to legislate from the bench,” O’Steen wrote, according to a release. “We believe that Harriet Miers is another nominee who will abide by the text and history of the Constitution.”

O’Steen described examples proving her pro-life leanings. “According to published reports, Harriet Miers has been active since about 1980 in the Valley View Christian Church in Dallas,” he said. The pastor there told the Dallas Morning News that their church is “anti-abortion.”
  The same paper published an interview with Lorlee Bartos, Miers’ campaign manager in 1989 when Miers ran, successfully, for a seat on the Dallas City Council. Bartos said Miers, “is on the extreme end of the anti-choice movement,” and, “I think Harriet’s belief was pretty strongly felt. I suspect she is of the same cloth as the president.”

In 1989, Miers, responding to a Lesbian/Gay Coalition of Dallas survey about whether the Texas sodomy law should be overturned, said no, that the law that made sodomy illegal should stand. The Supreme Court later overturned the law.

At a press conference about the Miers’ nomination Tuesday, US President George W. Bush said, “I’m a pro-life President,” adding, “And I know her, I know her heart. I know what she believes. Remember, she was part of the search committee that helped pick Roberts. In other words, she went through the deliberations and the – talking to these different candidates about what they believe. She knows exactly the kind of judge I’m looking for. And I know exactly the kind of judge she’ll be, which is an excellent judge.”

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