FATHER OF AMERICAN TALIBAN FIGHTER LEFT FAMILY TO BEGIN HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP The San Francisco Examiner reports that Frank Lindh, father of the 20-year old Caucasian American who became a Taliban fighter, “has been quoted time and again as saying it was his son John’s reading of the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” when John was 16 in 1997 that turned his son’s head and heart towards Islam. But something else going on in the family’s life at that time may have been just as decisive. When Frank Lindh left his family in 1997, it was to move in with a male companion. Sources close to the family say the father’s turn of life from married man to modern gay man startled and flustered the 16-year-old.”

ABORTIONIST SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON FOR BRUTAL MURDER OF WIFE Dr. John Baxter Hamilton was found guilty of the Valentine’s Day murder of Susan Shibley Hamilton, 55. The victim had been throttled with a necktie, hit with a blunt object and had her face slammed repeatedly into the marble floor of the master bathroom in the couple’s Oklahoma home.