‘PROM MOM’ WHO KILLED NEWBORN RELEASED AFTER SERVING ONLY 3 YEARS A New Jersey woman who gave birth in the bathroom at her high school prom and then killed the baby before going back to the dance floor is out of jail. Melissa Drexler, now 23, served just over three years of the 15-year prison sentence she got after pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter in 1998.,2933,39403,00.html

The Federalist reports that Saturday, November 17, 2001, was the second annual “National Adoption Day,” when more than 1,500 children in 16 participating cities were legally adopted into their new families under streamlined court proceedings. The first of these events last year finalized over 1,100 adoptions nationwide. An estimated 127,000 U.S. children are eligible for adoption.

A California high school student has been told she cannot wear shirts that bear a pro-life message because school officials don’t like the message. The student, a senior at Littlerock High School in Littlerock, California, is an ardent pro-life supporter and wanted to express her pro-life message on her shirts.