SCHOOL BOARD NIXES ‘WAIT TILL MARRIAGE’ ENCOURAGEMENT In a 6-1 vote, the school board in Frederick Maryland decided Wednesday to take a marriage reference out of the sex education program’s discussion of abstinence. In its stead, the board elected to add language advising that abstinence “is a healthy, safe and responsible decision for adolescents.” The former language called abstinence “appropriate behavior before marriage.”,2933,38896,00.html

ABSTINENCE ONLY FUNDING GOING TO NON-ABSTINENCE ONLY GROUP A member of Congress has asked federal officials to investigate why $91,000 in abstinence-only education funding has been awarded to a Wisconsin group that says on its Web site that it doesn’t do abstinence-only education.

ABORTIONIST WONDERING WHY HE’S NOT WANTED IN COUNTRY CLUB Pablo Rodriguez, a prominent Rhode Island doctor and one of the most influential Latinos in the state, is complaining about being twice denied admission to the Warwick Country Club.