The Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the state’s constitution does not require public funding for abortion. /content/news/local/florida/digdocs/031624.htm&NS-query=abortion&NS-search- type=NS-boolean-query&NS-collection=Miami%20Herald&NS-docs-matched=20&NS-doc-number=2

The Wichita Eagle reports that with songs and shouts echoing off the concrete caverns of downtown Wichita, nearly 1,000 abortion protesters paraded through the streets Monday morning.

The Washington Post reports that a key House panel yesterday overturned President Bush’s proposal to eliminate contraceptive coverage for federal employees. Twelve Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee joined 28 Democrats in voting to require federal health insurance plans to cover even abortifacient contraceptives.

Yahoo news reports that Missouri has become the 35th state in the country to enact legislation specifically banning homosexual marriage.

A report by the National Institutes of Health advocates destructive experimentation with live human embryos. “To date, it is impossible to predict which stem cells—those derived from the embryo, the fetus, or the adult—or which methods of manipulating the cells, will best meet the needs of basic research and clinical applications. The answers clearly lie in conducting more research,” says the report.