PRESIDENT BUSH PLANS ALLOW STATE TO GIVE “UNBORN CHILD” MEDICAL COVERAGE The Bush administration has drafted a policy to allow states to cover unborn children under the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Pro-abortion groups are condemning the measure even though it allows coverage for pregnant women who are not eligible for Medicare, since they see it as establishing the recognition of the unborn child as a person.

CNS reports that Bishop Joseph A. Fiorenza, head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has written President Bush urging him not to fund destructive research on human embryos. “Government support for destructive human embryo research has been proposed in our nation since 1979. … Throughout this history, however, no administration of either party has funded a research project that relies on destroying live human embryos,” Bishop Fiorenza wrote. “Even President Clinton’s National Bioethics Advisory Commission, recognizing the human embryo as ‘a developing form of human life,’ concluded that the use of embryos from fertility clinics for such research cannot be justified if morally noncontroversial alternatives exist,” he added.