U.S. HOUSE BIG-WIGS OPPOSE FUNDING EMBRYO RESEARCH Pro-life US House Reps. Richard K. Armey, Tom DeLay and J.C. Watts—the House majority leader, majority whip and Republican conference chairman, respectively—said in a statement to President Bush: “The federal government cannot morally look the other way with respect to the destruction of human embryos, then accept and pay for extracted stem cells for the purpose of medical research.”

Idaho state Judge Michael McLaughlin issued an emergency order Monday requiring Idaho to keep paying for abortions pending a review of the constitutionality of a new law against public funding of abortion.  a0659_BC_Abortion-PoorWomen&&news&newsflash-national

The Toledo Blade reports that euthanasia activist Jack Kevorkian was denied bail by US District Judge Paul D. Borman. Kevorkian’s attorney said he would appeal the ruling. He is serving 10-25 years for the televised euthanasia of Thomas Youk.  20010626&Category=NEWS19&ArtNo=106260026&Ref=AR

AP reports that hundreds of Christians gathered Tuesday outside the National Education Association convention to protest a resolution on homosexuality. The resolution would advocate development of programs that address the needs of homosexual, bisexual and transgender students. It also would require the involvement of homosexual educators in curriculum development and lessons on the heritage, culture and history of homosexual, bisexual and transgender people.