President Bush has noted his intent to ban human cloning. White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said, “The president believes that no research – no research – to create a human being should take place in the United States. The president believes that any attempt to clone a human being would present a grave risk both to the mother and the child. He opposes it on moral grounds.”

A federal jury on Monday decided on life imprisonment for Kristen Gilbert, 33, a former veterans hospital nurse who euthanized four patients by injecting them with a heart stimulant. (AP March 26 as reported by Pro-Life Infonet)

Cybercast News Service reports that the California Faculty Association this week settled a lawsuit brought by two college professors from different universities who refused to pay union dues because of their religious beliefs. Seeking religious accommodation, the professors asked that their dues be sent instead to a non-profit charity. The Pacific Justice Institute expects to see more union workers nationwide refusing to pay dues to unions that contradict their religious beliefs and will represent them free of charge.