Pro-life Senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn.), who has been a leading opponent of partial-birth abortion in the U.S. Senate, has said he does not plan to introduce another bill prohibiting the procedure, according to the Washington Times Friday. “The Supreme Court basically shot down the statute that we’ve been trying to pass,” he said, pointing to their decision last year striking down a Nebraska ban. Other pro-life politicians, however, have indicated that they will not abandon similar efforts. Rep. J.C. Watts (R-Okla.) said “there’s always other ways of doing things around this crazy place.”

Nebraska state Sen. Matt Connealy said Wednesday that he can see no reason to stop the University of Nebraska Medical Center from using fetal tissue obtained from voluntary abortions for research so he will not vote to advance LB462 out of the Judiciary Committee, leaving the bill deadlocked at a 4-4 vote for the second consecutive year.

The U.S. Senate’s Bankruptcy Bill (S 420) includes a provision to prevent people convicted of abortuary-related violence from escaping penalties by declaring bankruptcy. The version of the bill (H 333) passed by the House of Representatives earlier this month did not include such language. The New York Times reported Friday that Republicans in the Senate Conference Committee are expected to try to strip the bill of the abortion-related amendment.