A federal racketeering probe in Chicago alleges that a mafia don owns and operates a prominent local abortuary, and actively tries to bribe friendly politicians on the premises. Pro-life activists say the case, entitled People v. Anthony Centracchio, is only one example of the questionable activities at abortuaries in the area and possibly elsewhere.

The tragic consequences of the homosexual lifestyle are the focus of a program airing tonight on an American cable television network. “It’s Not Gay” (, produced by the American Family Association, features former homosexuals sharing their real-life experiences, and the emotional pain, brokenness, and physical consequences, such as AIDS, that accompany that lifestyle. The program will air twice on the Inspiration Network (

Catholic World News reports that CNN founder Ted Turner labelled Catholic employees of the cable news network as “Jesus freaks” on Ash Wednesday. Fox news channel’s web site says that during a party for retiring anchor Bernard Shaw at the network’s Washington bureau, Turner stunned staffers by noting ashes on the foreheads of Catholics and stating, “What are you, a bunch of Jesus freaks? You ought to be working for Fox.”