The US Supreme Court on Monday refused to let the Clinton administration join the Nebraska abortionist’s fight against the state’s partial birth abortion law. The justices, in a brief order, rejected a request by Solicitor General Seth Waxman that a government lawyer be allowed to participate when the closely watched Nebraska case is argued before the nation’s highest court April 27.

Brenda L. Becker wrote a splendid satirical piece in the current edition of the National Review. 

Millions of married couples would get $248 billion in tax cuts over 10 years under Republican legislation approved Thursday by the Senate Finance Committee. “Not only does it reduce families’ tax burden, it eliminates some of the most egregious examples of unfairness and complexity in the tax code today,” said the panel’s chairman, Sen. William Roth, R-Del. “This bill is fair, this bill is responsible and this bill is pro-family.” Included in those who would get tax cuts are the 25 million married couples who pay higher taxes than if they were single. But Clinton has threatened a veto. 

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and the mother of Matthew Shepard announced the establishment of a college scholarship program in Shepard’s name for openly gay high school students. 

While the Catholic Action League calls it “deplorable public policy,” the Massachusetts Senate has approved a plan that requires insurance companies to pay the costs of contraceptive devices, including birth control pills, IUDs, diaphragms and implant devices.