Pro-Life E-News distributed a report indicating that New Hampshire Sen. Bob Smith is investigating an Overland Park abortuary from which companies removed and marketed tissue from aborted babies for experimentation. 

A personal note included with pro-life literature sent to an abortionist has led to harassment charges against a Bettendorf firefighter and his fiancée. The note read “Thought you might what (sic) a free picture of your baby .. Baby Killer”. 

A Montana judge has ordered a woman convicted of endangering her unborn child by taking drugs not to get pregnant for ten years. As part of her sentence, Dawn Marie Spinkle was instructed by District Judge Dorothy McCarter on Wednesday to take a pregnancy test every two months. If she tests positive, the judge said Sprinkle could be jailed. 

Several Ohio lawmakers yesterday called for the immediate closing of 18 unlicensed, free-standing abortuaries, including four in Akron.