FIFTH COMMISSIONER IN BASEBALL HISTORY DELIVERS PRO-LIFE MESSAGE Bowie K. Kuhn, the fifth commissioner in baseball history, address to the Pioneer Valley Region Massachusetts Citizens for Life annual Mother’s Day Dinner May 28.  In his message Kuhn stressed resources for crisis pregnancy centres. “You need more programs that can tell women, here is the way you can handle this, here are organizations that can help you through this or help you place your child up for adoption . . . that has to increase if the movement is to work,” he said.   PRESIDENT BUSH POSITIVE POLL RATINGS REMAIN EXTRAORDINARILY HIGH President George W. Bush’s positive rating remains at 74% positive, 25% negative and according to pollsters “are still extraordinarily high by historic, or any other, measures.”   COURT RULES FOR GERALDO IN COMMENTS ABOUT CONTROVERSIAL ANTI-ABORTION SITE Geraldo Rivera was cleared by a court for calling Neal Horsley, the creator of the controversial website the Nuremberg Files an “accomplice to homocide.”