LOUISIANIA ABORTIONISTS FEAR LAWSUITS Abortion providers in Louisiana are battling against the risk of lawsuits following a ruling Friday by the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals. The case involves a 1997 law which makes abortionists liable for up to ten years for harm caused to a women as a result of an abortion. The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, representing the abortionists, says the law “could make abortion services unattainable for women in Louisiana” raising questions about the authenticity of abortionist claims that abortion procedures are safe.  MOTHER SUES AFTER BEING BANNED FROM SCHOOL HOMOSEXUAL ASSEMBLY The St. Louis Montana mother of a high school girl was kicked out of a homosexual assembly that she wanted to observe. She already had her daughter exempted from participating in the meeting, and an earlier one, conducted by the homosexual activist group Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). Due to her objections to the assembly, a school board member recommended she attend it herself. She is now suing the school with the help of the American Center for Law and Justice.   GLOBAL WARNING MODELS LABELLED “FAIRY TALES” BY TEAM OF SCIENTISTS