IN NARROW VOTE HOUSE COMMITTEE VOTES TO RELEASE $34 MILLION UNFPA FUNDS The Washington Post reports that the US House Appropriations Committee voted Friday to release $34 million in international family planning funds that the administration has withheld this year. The 32 to 31 vote in committee, which came during consideration of an emergency spending bill, instructs the administration to give the money to the United Nations Population Fund no later than July 10 unless the United States finds the international agency in violation of U.S. laws.   WHITE HOUSE TEAM LEAVES FOR CHINA TO INVESTIGATE UNFPA’S CONTRIBUTION TO FORCED ABORTION   CATHOLIC COLLEGE SELECTS PRO-ABORTION COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER Boston College Law School has chosen former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci, an abortion advocate, to be the school’s commencement speaker in 2002.  The commencement ceremonies will take place May 24 at the school’s Newton campus. (Contact: Fr. William P. Leahy, S.J., Boston College president: [email protected] or 617-552-3250; Michael Cassidy, associate law school dean for administration: [email protected] or 617-552-4343; John H. Garvey, law school dean: [email protected] or 617-552-4340. )  CDC URGES ANNUAL HIV TESTS FOR HOMOSEXUALS The Center for Disease Control recommended for the first time Thursday that sexually active gay and bisexual men get tested once a year for the AIDS virus following a surge in sexually transmitted diseases.