ANOTHER SO-CALLED ‘PRO-LIFE’ SENATOR – THURMOND – BACKS HUMAN CLONING FOR RESEARCH   VENTURA PROMISES NOT TO SEEK ANOTHER POLITICAL OFFICE AFTER GOV. TERM   PRO-LIFERS SUGGEST ‘WHITE SUPREMACY’ UNDERGIRDS MUCH OF ABORTION INDUSTRY Looking at the targeting of African-American communities with abortion clinics, researchers suggest abortionists are following in the footsteps of their forbear, Margaret Sanger.   PLANNED PARENTHOOD OFFERS ‘MOTHER’S DAY’ CARDS   “Planned Parenthood has done more to deprive children of their mothers than perhaps any other organization on earth, thus making its very existence an affront to what Mother’s Day represents,” comments American Life League’s STOPP.   CITY OF DALLAS PASSES PRO-HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS LAW