DEAD BABY FOUND IN HIGH SCHOOL TOILET A dead baby was found in a toilet in Roseville High School in Michigan yesterday by a janitor called to unclog the utility. “The Macomb County medical examiner said that the fetus was an unborn male, and had been dead for as long as a week,” reports the Yahoo news service today. “The fetus had developed approximately five months.” The mother’s identity is not yet known.   LAST-MINUTE VICTORY IN HAWAII OVER EUTHANASIA BATTLE A bill to legalize assisted suicide in Hawaii was unexpectedly defeated yesterday in the state Senate by a vote of 14-11. The victory for pro-life forces is attributed to heavy last-minute lobbying and a switch by three senators who originally indicated they planned to support the bill.   MICHIGAN SENATE RESTRICTS TAX DOLLARS FROM ABORTUARIES The Michigan Senate yesterday passed a bill that will restrict government funding for Planned Parenthood and abortuaries. The state Legislature previously passed a similar bill. Governor John Engler is expected to sign it. Among the stipulations in the bill is the requirement that money must first go to clinics that don’t perform abortions and are not affiliated with those that do. Money can only go to an abortion-supporting clinic if no anti-abortion centres exist in an area.   PRO-LIFE PENNSYVLANIA DEMOCRAT TARGETED BY NARAL Pennsylvania pro-life Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Bob Casey, Jr. is being targeted by NARAL (the National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League) in his fight to win the party nomination for the up-coming Governor’ s race. Casey, though, has the endorsement of the state Democratic Party, which he heads, as well as the major labor unions, reports Cybercast News Service.

ARIZONA LAWMAKERS FIGHT OVER SEX ED BILL Conservative legislators describe explicit aspects contained in sex education materials to fight an attempt to pass a bill that they say would allow such materials into Arizona classrooms under the guise of providing students with accurate information.   TWO MEN CHARGED WITH INTENTIONALLY SPREADING HIV “Two South Dakota men have been charged with intentionally infecting men and women with the HIV virus through sexual contact, and authorities are trying to determine how many people may have been unknowingly infected, officials said Wednesday,” reported CNN yesterday.